What happens at my first appointment?

Before starting your treatment, you will be asked to complete a short form to screen for any relevant health issues.

Your therapist will ask you some general questions to establish what you would like to achieve or work on.

If you have a specific condition or pain problem, your therapist may also perform some physical tests to evaluate your condition beforehand.

Do I need to undress fully?

You may be asked to remove items of clothing necessary for the area of your body being treated. For a full body massage, most people opt to undress completely except for their underwear. Your therapist will leave the room to give you the privacy to undress and get comfortable under towels on the table.

Will the massage hurt?

Some types of massage involve deeper techniques that may feel tender during or after treatment.

That said, it should not be painful so it’s really important that you talk to your therapist during your massage to feedback about the pressure being used and how it feels.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies depending on your reason for wanting a massage. Your therapist will discuss this with you and make a recommendation at your initial appointment.

If you have a specific pain condition, then a course of 3-4 treatments weekly may be recommended initially before tapering to a maintenance schedule.

How do I pay?

You can book in using our online booking and payment system. You can also pay by card or cash at the clinic on the day of your appointment.

What if I need to cancel?

Please phone, email or text if you know that you can’t attend an appointment, as we operate a strict cancellation policy of one working day’s notice (24hours). This does not include Saturdays or Sundays, so if you need to cancel an appointment on a Monday, please call us on the Friday before.