Effective treatment for localised muscle pain in Cambridge

Trigger points are small tender spots in your muscles. These sore spots feel as if part of the muscle is bunched up and consequently they are often described as muscular ‘knots’. You can get a trigger point in one of your muscle by directly injuring that muscle itself.

However, you can also get a trigger point in a muscle after injuring another part of your body entirely, for example a problem in your neck can cause a trigger point to develop in one of the muscles around your shoulder blade. Trigger points can also be caused by other things like repeating the same activity (using the same muscle over and over again) or sitting in the same position for long periods of time.

Prevent your trigger points from recurring

Our therapist use specific massage techniques to reduce the sensitivity of these sore points. We can teach you how to manage trigger points in between treatment sessions, using techniques you can apply for yourself.

A programme of exercises to improve the condition if your muscles might also be helpful to prevent the trigger points from recurring. At our Cambridge clinc, our Physiotherapists are able to design a routine specifically for you and will advise you on relevant ergonomic issues at work or home.

How massage can help trigger points

How massage can help trigger points

You’ll know if you have a trigger point because direct pressure onto the muscle will feel extremely sore. Trigger points can be really painful and if they come on as a consequence of another injury they can even complicate that condition. Trigger points can also mimic other conditions and cause referred pain into other parts of the body.

So a thorough assessment with an experienced massage therapist or physiotherapist really is key before any treatment starts. Trigger point therapy involves using hands-on pressure techniques or acupuncture applied directly to the sore spots for pain relief. A greater range of pain-free movement is usually seen quite quickly after treatment.

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