Release muscle tension and improve flexibility

Myofascial release works by applying hands-on pressure to the restricted area, ‘sinking’ gradually into the tissues and drawing it in a particular direction until the body relaxes.


A stretch can then be carefully applied and held until the affected area relaxes further. These steps are often repeated several times if they are comfortable or until full movement
is restored.

Fascial techniques feel like a slow pulling or slight burning sensation and skin redness is quite common after a treatment. Your therapist might use their fingertips, knuckles, forearms or elbows to apply the pressure… it really depends on the area of the body and the type of problem being treated. Sometimes using a myofascial release tool is the most effective approach.

You might also be asked to move part of your body yourself to apply the stretch while the therapist is treating you. This is quite common and a very effective way of increasing movement.

Myofascial release techniques

Myofascial release is a slow, stretch and release technique for both the muscles and the soft tissues that wrap around them and bind everything together (fascia).

Myofascial release is quite different from other types of massage and might be recommended for a specific clinical problem to relieve pain or movement restriction in part of your body. It’s particularly effective for treating tight muscles, trigger points and scar tissue following injury or surgery.

Getting the most from your myofascial release massage

A thorough assessment of the way you stand, move and your habitual daily activities is paramount to an effective treatment. At our Cambridge clinic, all our massage therapists are extremely experienced and will tailor each treatment not only to the clinical problem but also the underlying cause.

We often use myofascial release techniques in combination with other types of massage and kinesiotaping. A personalized maintenance programme may also be recommended to you, so you can continue the good work between treatments. All our programmes are provided with video links for you to follow at home.

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