Relieve pain, improve performance & boost recovery

Having a sports massage about five days before your event ensures your muscles are in great condition. This type of treatment targets the deep layers of soft tissue to release trigger points and restore normal muscle tension, flexibility and joint movement.

So whether you are trying to beat your PB or looking for a competitive edge, the better condition your muscles are in, the better you’ll perform.

At our Cambridge clinic we also offer pre-event massage on the day using more vigorous techniques aimed at increasing the blood flow to your muscles and preparing your body for activity.

Pre-event massage also has psychological effects, like reducing stress and improving focus and confidence, so it can form part of your mental preparations too.

The health benefits of getting a massage after your event.

Looking to reduce your recovery time? Post-event sports massage helps relieve Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) by increasing circulation to flush out the buildup of toxins in your muscles after exercise, reducing swelling and easing tense muscles. It helps your body cool down properly and gives you time to recover and mentally relax again.

How a regular sports massage can help

Runner, rower, swimmer or cyclist… it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete or an amateur sports person, getting a regular sports massage is a great addition to your training schedule. It’s not just for those times when you are in pain or recovering from an injury either. A good sports massage therapist will use different techniques to achieve different results like improving athletic performance, boosting recovery after an event or preventing the development of injuries in between your training sessions.

Eating well can also help accelerate healing and prevent injury, you can read more about this here.

Prevent sports injuries and maximize your training time

Tight muscles can be more prone to injury so in between training sessions, at the Cambridge Massage Therapy Clinic, we use techniques designed to stretch muscles, improve flexibility and increase range of motion.

This kind of maintenance treatment not only reduces your potential for injury but can decrease your recovery period, allowing you to maximise your time for training. The benefits are cumulative, but if you make regular massage therapy an integral part of your training schedule, you’ll see a real difference in your performance and in your recovery rates.

Massage for sports injuries

Last, but certainly not least, remedial massage techniques can also be used to treat injured muscles, tendons and ligaments. A treatment like this can help to reduce swelling, prevent scar tissue from adhering to other structures, improve movement and relieve pain.

This is a specialised area of massage therapy, so it’s really important to find a massage therapist or sports physiotherapist who is properly qualified and experienced… not only in using remedial techniques but who is able to examine you properly before jumping straight into treatment.

Our team will assess your condition fully, provide skilled hands-on treatment appropriate for your condition and make sure you have a programme of personalised exercises … so that you can continue to look after your body between sessions.

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