Experience a more relaxed and comfortable pregnancy with massage therapy in Cambridge

The postural and physiological changes that happen in your body during pregnancy mean that it’s not uncommon to experience discomfort in your back or around your hips and pelvis.


After the first trimester therapeutic prenatal massage during your pregnancy significantly eases painful joints, relaxes tight muscles, relieves sore spots and reduces swelling for a more comfortable pregnancy.

Our therapists offering pregnancy massage, Shelly and Charlie, are all very experienced in identifying specific pregnancy-related issues and have specialist training in comfortable and effective massage techniques which are safe to use during pregnancy.

They will position you carefully with plenty of support to prevent strain on the uterine ligaments and can also advise you on comfortable, supported positions to use at night. So you’ll get a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling less stiff.

Massage therapy is good for both you and your baby

Therapeutic massage is much more than just a physical treatment. Antenatal massage therapy significantly helps to lower the chemicals produced by your body when you are stressed, anxious or depressed (cortisol), not only during pregnancy but also after your baby is born. So mothers who receive massage during pregnancy will not only have improved mood but reduced likelihood of postpartum depression.

The effect of massage on lowering your cortisol levels during pregnancy is also good for your baby’s health. The rate of prematurity or low birth weight is significantly reduced in women who have been massaged. Newborns of massaged mothers are also more interactive.

Massage techniques to use during labour

Shelly, Angela and Charlie are also able to recommend gentle techniques that your partner can use to help you during labour.

This type of massage will not only help to manage your pain but can also reduce the length of your labour, with less need for medication.

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