Relief for pain and muscle tension

Our massage therapists are very experienced practitioners and will spend some time at the beginning of your session talking to you about the problem you are coming with as well as your lifestyle and health to understand how best to help you.

At some points in a deep tissue massage there may be discomfort but it shouldn’t be acutely painful and it’s important to feedback if the pressure is too much.

Treatments last about an hour and there’s a real benefit to having a course of several sessions spread over a number of weeks or months.

A hot shower can help to relieve any tenderness after your treatment and drinking lots of water helps the muscles to rehydrate.

Deep tissue massage techniques at our Cambridge Clinic

Deep tissue massage techniques target the deeper layers of muscle that other types of massage might not reach.


However, having a deep tissue massage isn’t the same as having normal massage, just with stronger pressure.

Deep tissue techniques are actually designed to break down tight bands – also known as adhesions – within both the muscles and the soft tissues that wrap around them (fascia).

So a deep tissue massage isn’t a ‘soft lighting and music’ relaxing type of massage. The techniques are deep and direct to tackle specific physical issues and you might actually feel a bit tender for a few hours afterwards before you feel the benefit.

How a deep tissue massage can help

Deep tissue massage might be recommended to you if you are recovering from an injury or have a clinical problem like chronic pain or muscle tension, loss of joint movement, scar tissue or if you have trigger points. Fibromyalgia pain and osteoarthritis also respond well to deep tissue massage techniques.

The treatment techniques really help to restore normal flexibility in the muscles and fascia and relieve pain and muscle tension in the problematic area. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see an immediate improvement in movement and the benefits aren’t confined to the muscles either. A deep tissue massage will also help lower your blood pressure, your heart rate and stress hormone levels. So you’ll leave feeling better in both body and mind.

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